Leading Organizational Change

Leading Organizational Change Program Description:

Leading Organizational Change is an expert-guided change simulation that teaches a best-practice model to managing change.

Who would benefit from this program?
Leaders, managers and professionals who need to quickly align people around new ways of doing things in response to opportunities or threats.
What can you expect from this 1-day program?
One year of experience in one day In Leading Organizational Change, people work in teams to tackle a realistic change project. From analysis through to planning and implementation, the simulation delivers the essentials of a year-long change journey in a one-day workshop.
Core Content

Like the real world, without the scars :

Leading Organizational Change simulates the challenges of real world change. Immediate feedback on decisions, both good and bad, reinforces learning without putting company resources on the line.

The right tool for the right time :

Focused practice with change tools and techniques takes place under expert guidance. Experiences are shared. And competition ensures an energizing experience that reveals true change behaviors.

Diagnosis → Change Theory → Plan → Implementation

Learning Approaches
  • Computer-based simulation
  • Team based decision making
  • Practice and application
  • None
Post-Program Performance Support
  • Real time tips and tools delivered through the belmontleadership.com portal, plus 30 and 90 day follow-up webcasts.
“This tool is a fabulous resource to develop change capability in leaders. Change is so subjective-it’s a hard thing to develop in others.”
-Annabella Tamburro, ING Direct“Many of our corporate team commented on the problems and responses being so similar to what they face each day. The simulation gave them a safe environment to test solutions and learn from their decisions.”
-Rich Jutkins, Stampin’ Up!