Leading for Innovation

This innovative program is built in collaboration with innovation design firm IDEO. Design Thinker is an energizing workshop that challenges teams to flex their creativity to solve a realistic and complex design challenge. In so doing, they engage with the terms, techniques, and thought patterns of successful innovators.

More About This Award-Winning Workshop:

Who would benefit from this program?
Leaders, team members and professionals who are participate in new product teams, or are involved in the innovation process. We recommend organizations send multiple participants if possible.
What can you expect from this 1-day program?
Participants will be equipped to effectively apply a best-practice innovation process in their organizations. Working in teams in a computer-based simulation, participants make decisions and experience consequences, and practice new mindsets, strategies and skills for effective innovation.
Core Content


The anticipation builds immediately. Your people see they can and will innovate. They explore pursuing growth using design thinking. Preparation begins for the workshop’s realistic, wicked team challenge – helping an average town become a “green” leader.


Although many organizations speak of being “customer-driven”, few practice the type of need finding and ethnography necessary to put a user at the center of their work. Using photo journals from extreme users, your people sharpen their observation and inference skills. The result is a clearly articulated user insight that reveals unexplored opportunities.


Far too often, brainstorms limit the volume and type of ideas generated. Your people experiment with brainstorming techniques shown to result in far more creative and ultimately powerful ideas.

Each team develops a solution that simultaneously addresses a true need and creates excitement. New ideas are rarely evolved enough to survive initial concerns. Your people develop low-risk experiments that can protect and grow their ideas into fully formed solutions. Each team presents their idea and experiment back to the group.

Throughout the workshop, teams rank one another’s insights, ideas, and experiments. A champion team is crowned and your people determine how they can implement design thinking back on the job to be more consistently innovative. They receive access to the online Design Thinker toolkit to take their next step with confidence.

Learning Approaches
  • Computer-based simulation
  • Team based decision making on scenarios and examples
  • Best-practice innovation process from IDEO
  • None
Post-Program Performance Support
  • Real time tips and tools delivered through the belmontleadership.com portal, plus 30 and 90 day follow-up webcasts.
Length of Program
  • 1-day, 8:00am to 4:30pm
Program Dates and Fees
Available by request


“Four hours that could change your life!”
-Alison Drewell, VP Retail – Sportswear & Contemporary Brands, VF Corporation“Brilliant simulation that brought design thinking to life. Outstanding workshop!”
-Terri Egan, Associate Professor, Pepperdine University