High Performance Leadership Bootcamp

High Performance Leadership Bootcamp Program Description:

Are you a high performing leader with a busy schedule? This 3 day program equips leaders with self-awareness, feedback, coaching and development planning to get them on the right track for future leadership growth. There is no one “right” style of leadership – the challenge facing leadership learners is not to try and copy one person’s example, but to discover their own unique strengths and leadership style. This program combines a hands-on business simulation with individualized assessments, coaching and feedback, to create a compact high-impact learning experience.

Who would benefit from this program?
High performing mid-level leaders with 5-12 years of people and/or team leadership experience.
What can you expect from this 3-day program?
• Work in an active, engaging learning environment with peers from top organizations
• Participate in a business simulation
• Receive individualized assessment, feedback and coaching
• Create a high-performance individual development plan
• Discover the leadership best practices that drive organizational performance
• Know your leadership style and how to be the best “you” you can be
• Grow your network
• Learn from executive role models.
Core Content
• Strategic Thinking
• Engaging and Developing Others
• Inspiring and Motivating People
• Driving Results
• Leadership Orientations
• High Performance Motivations
Learning Approaches

THE SIMULATION: Working in small teams, learners take the role as new managers at a fictitious company. They struggle with talent issues, make complex decisions about interdepartmental relationships, and balance the tactical with the strategic. They get blindsided. They regroup. They analyze. They take action. Learners are engaged from start to finish as they discover how their decisions and actions affect the bottom line and how their behaviors as part of the organization’s collective leadership team impact ultimate success.CONNECTIONS: With fresh insights from the simulation, participants bridge to real-world leadership issues in their own organizations. They explore the five leadership accountabilities, conduct a Leadership Focus Self-Assessment of their time and attention on these accountabilities, and learn how to use a Decision Impact Analysis tool to guide critical thinking around important decisions. Learners are also introduced to an online resource – a website that provides over 20 critical thinking guides to help with reflection and planning back on the job.INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT: Individual Assessment, Coaching, and Development Planning.

SKILL BUILDING: Develop your skills through training and practice on real-world scenarios and your own situations and examples.

Leadership Style Assessment
High Performance Motivations Questionnaire
Multi-Rater Leadership Survey
Behavioral Event Interview Questionnaire
Post-Program Performance Support
Real time tips and tools delivered through the belmontleadership.com portal, plus 30 and 90 day follow-up webcasts.
Length of Program
Three Days:
Day 1: 8:00am – 4:30pm – Business Simulation
Day 2: 8:00am – 4:30pm – Feedback and Coaching
Day 3: 8:00am – 4:30pm – Skill Development
Program Dates and Fees
Available by request