Coaching in the Moment

Coaching in the Moment Program Description:

The Center for Executive Education in partnership with Cylient® is proud to present Coaching in the Moment®. This one-day workshop provides participants the skills required to conduct effective coaching conversations that produce results, wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Who would benefit from this program?
First line supervisors benefit from this program by learning how to better approach interpersonal challenges. Senior managers can apply these coaching approaches to generate higher levels of engagement. No matter what level of the organization you work in, you can benefit from learning how to utilize these useful coaching tools in your everyday interactions. This learning can truly be applied to any level of your organization.
What can you expect from this 1-day program?
Participants will be able to:
• Recognize coachable moments
• Successfully conduct coaching conversations in day-to-day interactions
• Integrate coaching approaches into their leadership style
• Engage others in finding their own path forward
Core Content
Coaching in The Moment® Agenda
• Introductions and overview
• Untying the Knot®
• Recognizing coachable moments
• Identifying knots
• Asking insightful questions
• Tuning into conversations
• Coaching practice
• Being present in the moment
• Understanding worldviews
• Expanding the view
• Meaningful action
• Coaching practice
• Debrief day and close
Learning Approaches
Listening Exercises Make Coaching Come Alive Professionally recorded listening exercises are integrated throughout the Coaching in the Moment® workshop enabling participants to hear how coaching approaches can be successfully applied to real world situations. Coaching in the Moment® listening exercises can be customized to support specific change goals such as:
• Shifting to a culture of engagement and accountability
• Transitioning HR/Learning or Sales organizations from transactional to consultative relationships with clients and customers
• Building specific capabilities such as providing performance feedback and support
• Customized listening exercises:
• Shift participants’ perspectives so they understand the value of change initiatives
• Use the language and settings of your organization
• Provide specific examples of the behaviors required to make change happen
Write-up real scenarios to bring with you to the workshop.
Post-Program Performance Support
• Coaching in the Moment® Private Blog provides graduates with a password-protected forum to continue learning and connect with other graduates.
• E-Learning is available to reinforce skills with quick, practical, interactive learning sessions.
• Coaching Moments® app for Android, iPhone and iPad provides “in-the-moment” support for conducting coaching conversations. Suitable for everyone in your organization, regardless of whether they attend a Coaching in the Moment® workshop.
• Network Development support is available to help you build a learning network for your organization.

Coaching in the Moment is a registered trademark of Cylient Company