Herb DeBerry – Executive Leadership Experience

August 19, 2014

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the Belmont ELE program and found it to be a great forum for upper management level leaders to sharpen skills needed to effectively address real organizational and people issues faced by successful organizations. The subjects addressed in the curriculum are relevant and timely, and the session facilitators are accomplished professionals and /or successful business leaders. The program has a strong intra-structure and is coordinated and delivered by a very competent university staff that works closely with participants as needed. The classes often challenge conventional thinking and status quo, and sometimes reinforces and refreshes long standing good management principles. The programs strongly reinforces systematic personal/professional development and goal setting, for self, work teams and the overall organization. Personally I enjoyed being a part of one of the class teams that worked on a project that made a positive difference in the Nashville Community. I would certainly recommend this program as a resource to aspiring leaders.