Adam Wilczek – The Mini MBA™

I would highly recommend The Mini MBA™ for young, up-coming managers; people identified as future leaders of the company which employs them. Instruction goes far beyond the basics of the subjects discussed, and provides insight into strategic planning and development of the culture in which the business is practiced. The instructors have real world experience in the subject matter they are covering. While it is valuable for senior managers, it can be especially beneficial to executives of the future.

Lawanda Mason – Meeting and Event Planning

I loved the Meeting and Event Planning program, it has opened so many doors for me. The course instructors were so knowledgeable and gave credible information that I will use for years to come! I would recommend this course to anyone interested in being in the event industry.

Harold Shannon – Executive Leadership Experience

The Executive Leadership Experience program helped me to shift my focus to be more strategic and provided tools to accelerate this transition. This program help me better grasp the role of organization leadership and how vital it is to the ongoing success of an organization. By applying some of the technique taught at Belmont, I was better able to influence my peer, support my team member and provide a vision for my area of responsibility. Lastly, my coach and supervisor were able to tailor growth opportunities to stretch my mind and ability beyond my capabilities thus leading to a promotion. I would recommend this program to emerging or new leaders to help them transition from managing to leading.

Jodi Randolph – Leadership Essentials

As a new supervisor/manager, Leadership Essentials was so helpful in helping me grow to be an effective manager. To be in the room with experienced managers (including some from my agency) was great to hear the struggles that they endure even as seasoned leaders. The interaction between the students in the class was so incredibly helpful and we bonded to a level of being a point of reference for each other for the future. It would be great to have a true ‘class reunion’ of the students that were in our class.

Polly Payne-Gregory – Executive Leadership Experience

As a participant in the ELE program, I was continually impressed each month with the caliber of instructors that joined us. The information and experiences shared were invaluable and generally tools that I could begin to incorporate immediately. The sessions were well organized and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my fellow participants.

Jadah Hawkins – Executive Leadership Experience

My experience with the Belmont Executive program provided me with extensive new insights and hands on applications that are relevant to my role as a leader. The experience has stretched my world view, extended my network and exposed me to new perspectives.

Michael Bell – Executive Leadership Experience

The multifaceted approach to leadership education that Belmont Executive Leadership Experience utilizes made the program very effective. The program incorporates leadership topics reading, lecture secessions, guest speakers, executive coaching, & discussion. The variety worked in unison to elevate my understanding of leadership and equip me to be a better leader. In addition, to leaning and practicing leadership at a higher level, I was surrounded by leaders in other organizations that I learned a tremendous amount from as well as expanded my professional network.

Gary Richardson – Executive Leadership Experience

In past positions that I have served in, the expectation has been to achieve results. In my current role as Chief Operations Officer the expectation is to get results through other people by building and leading an effective team. The Executive Leadership Experience through Belmont University has provided me with new skills, valuable guidance and a great environment to grow and develop as a leader. It has been a tremendous blessing to have had the opportunity to participate in this program.

Andy Oliphant – Executive Leadership Experience

The ELE program gave me a boost of confidence that I really did not realize I needed. We all spend most of our time managing other people and situations. The ELE program has shown me the importance of managing myself better which helps tremendously in my ability to grow and add value to the people I manage and the company I work for. Overall this is a great program that gives you confidence and skills that you can apply immediately in a professional setting and your personal life.

TJ Rodgers – Executive Leadership Experience

The ELE program at Belmont allowed me to meet exciting motivated professionals all looking to better themselves as well as those around them. The atmosphere of sharing was great for me. With all the different backgrounds and industries represented, I was able to get a true diverse experience with leadership and management that I feel will enable me to adapt to the changes in my industry and those whom I encounter.

Herb DeBerry – Executive Leadership Experience

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the Belmont ELE program and found it to be a great forum for upper management level leaders to sharpen skills needed to effectively address real organizational and people issues faced by successful organizations. The subjects addressed in the curriculum are relevant and timely, and the session facilitators are accomplished professionals and /or successful business leaders. The program has a strong intra-structure and is coordinated and delivered by a very competent university staff that works closely with participants as needed. The classes often challenge conventional thinking and status quo, and sometimes reinforces and refreshes long standing good management principles. The programs strongly reinforces systematic personal/professional development and goal setting, for self, work teams and the overall organization. Personally I enjoyed being a part of one of the class teams that worked on a project that made a positive difference in the Nashville Community. I would certainly recommend this program as a resource to aspiring leaders.

Ellen Oblow – Executive Leadership Experience

The Belmont Executive Leadership Experience (ELE) program has positively influenced my life and how I view the world. In today’s busy, fast paced business environment, it is easy to overlook how things really get accomplished – through people. ELE’s well-designed and current curriculum creates a comfortable environment in which the participant engages in self-assessment and the feedback provided by others is truly invaluable. The ELE instructors and curriculum provide guidance that helps participants more successfully evaluate and respond to their environment – whether it be in a day to day leadership role, engaging in a difficult conversation, negotiating a contract, or a non-business role. The program’s global business and cross-cultural leadership sessions are a must in today’s global business environment. I highly recommend Belmont’s ELE!

Megan Mahle – Executive Leadership Experience

The Executive Leadership Experience with Belmont University by far exceeded my expectations. The course curriculum covers wide variety of relevant subjects that are beneficial to all industry types. The facilitators are engaging, passionate leaders and educators from all over the country who are masters in their area of expertise. What I enjoyed most from the experience was how every session offered the opportunity to grow both as a person and as a professional. The personal coaching sessions and the extensive analytical data provided as part of this program tailored the experience to you as an individual leader. This program gave me the gift to begin thinking and evaluating day to day situations in different ways. I will definitely be recommending this program both internally and to peers outside of my organization. If you have the opportunity to participate in this program I would encourage you to jump in, be engaged, and enjoy.