Strategic Inbound Marketing Program

Use Inbound Marketing to Generate New Business Leads

The Strategic Inbound Marketing Program provides a useful understanding of the historical development and importance of digital marketing strategies in today’s business communities and proficiency in development and implementation of inbound marketing strategies in order to recruit attractive business leads.

Inbound Marketing Course Content

  • Exploration of successful inbound marketing strategies through the principle of content leadership, including the creation of relevant marketing content for your business
  • A broad study of digital marketing infrastructure including a hub-and-spoke design, where your main landing page (blog or website) is the “hub” of posted content surrounded by guiding “spokes” (social media platforms )that direct traffic back to the hub
  • Development of an operational hub-and-spoke platform (created in class) to begin real inbound marketing strategies for your business

Course Objectives:

  • Review traditional marketing approaches and recognize the difference between Inbound and Outbound marketing
  • Understand the importance of content leadership in both creation and curation of content
  • Examine content leadership through managing editorial calendars, creating calls to action, optimizing search engine algorithms and utilizing social media platforms
  • Realize the process of search engine optimization on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Explore relevant primary and secondary social media platforms used to drive traffic
  • Implement marketing metrics and maximize relevant data points within marketing analytics

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