Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate

Improve Processes – Get Results

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program equips participants to build on the Green Belt body of knowledge, focusing on mastery of statistical tools to increase process efficiency, eliminate defects, waste and variation as well as improve customer/stakeholder satisfaction. Diving deeper into Lean practices and the DMAIC method (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), participants build the skills necessary to solve complex business problems. These process improvements can be applied to any industry or business community.

In addition to course attendance and participation, participants must pass an exam and complete a complex business project using Lean Six Sigma methodology in order to receive their certification. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is a prerequisite to the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Participants who complete their Green Belt certification through Belmont’s Center for Executive Education receive a 10% discount on their Black Belt program fee.

Solve Complex Business Problems

Participants in the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program will learn to:

  • Identify and apply operational strategies for performance and process improvement
  • Utilize, evaluate, and interpret a range of tools required for process analysis
  • Explain the principles and practices of Lean methodology
  • Explain the principles and practices of the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology
  • Introduce the principles of strategic planning as related to Lean Six Sigma
  • Introduce the principles of leadership as related to Lean Six Sigma
  • Use certain statistical tests and apply them to process improvement
  • Identify the principles of process control

Become a More Effective Leader

Register for this program if:

  • You manage projects, processes or teams
  • You want to build quality into your work while reducing waste
  • You want to bring impactful operational and financial improvements to your organization

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