Executive Leadership Experience

Lead Innovative and High-Performing Organizations

The Executive Leadership Experience Certificate Program is designed for Senior Leaders and Managers who want to build the competencies and abilities needed to lead organizations that are innovative, strategic and produce consistent results. Individuals in the Executive Leadership Experience Certificate Program complete several personality assessments and participate in a 360 evaluation to develop self-awareness regarding behavioral patterns and actions. This newly formed self-awareness combined with facilitated learning workshops and 1:1 sessions with an Executive Coach will assist leaders in transforming their day-to-day interactions to ensure they are producing the desired impact with their actions. Leaders who complete this program can:

  • Utilize emotional intelligence skills to create a culture of self-awareness and normalizing feedback from leaders, peers, direct and indirect reports and external stakeholders.
  • Determine practices and priorities that are creating conflict within a team and develop solutions to manage conflict without stifling creativity and collaboration.
  • Coach employees in day-to-day interactions and understand the importance of skill building across the organization.
  • Lead successful change initiatives in their organization.

Participants that complete the full course earn the Executive Leadership Experience Digital Badge at the completion of the program. This badge is a representation of your learning outcome and experience in the program. Your learning can be verified by current and future employers online through this digital badge easily and securely. You can also share your badge with anyone you like via:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • E-Mail
  • Embedded in a Website
  • Resume

A viewer can click on your badge and view the details of your learning achievement.

Become a Consistent and Authentic Leader

Participants in the Executive Leadership Experience Certificate Program can expect to learn:

  • Strategies for maximizing strengths through alignment, collaboration and perspective.
  • Best-practice model for managing change.
  • Techniques to successfully connect with your audience and exude executive presence when speaking to large groups.
  • How to use coaching conversations in day-to-day interactions.
  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence to leader’s overall well-being and success in coping with environment demands.

Network and Learn with Leaders Across Multiple Industries

Register for this program if:

  1. You are currently a Senior Leader or Manager in your organization.
  2. You have previously had formal leadership training and are ready to grow your skills.
  3. You are interested in organizational best practices and learning from subject matter experts and Senior Leader peers from multiple organizations.
  4. You want to develop your skills in a fully in-person program.

Bring the Executive Leadership Experience to your Organization

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