Our Model

Chemistry Meeting:

Executive meets with coach to determine fit. If appropriate, the kickoff session is scheduled.

Client Profile:

Executive completes the Client Profile Questionnaire.

Kickoff Session:

Coach and executive meet to review the Client Profile Questionnaire and style indicator. Coach reviews documents that may be helpful in supporting any developmental objectives. These documents may include past assessments, employee feedback results, performance reviews, etc.

Leadership Assessment:

In this step, we will assess and provide feedback to the leader. The Leadership Assessment will provide the leader with insights into his/her strengths and development opportunities.

Belmont will send the leader an email with a link and ID to complete the assessment series
Participant completes assessment. Belmont interprets individual results and prepares for feedback session, including consolidation of themes and opportunities worksheet
Coach interviews key stakeholders identified by executive and the HR staff to determine areas of strength and opportunity (optional).

Work Shadow Exercise and Report (optional, if appropriate):

Coach shadows executive for 2-3 hours to observe the leader in one-on-one exchanges, small group meetings or presenting. Coach presents a shadow report to executive. At this point a customized individual action plan is written.

Feedback & Action Planning Session:

Coach presents feedback report to executive. Coach and leader will determine developmental goals and action steps to achieve goals. A developmental plan will be created.

Coaching Sessions:

Coach and executive meet for coaching sessions each month, either face-to-face or via telephone.

90/180 Day Checkpoints:

During these check points, the coach, executive, executive’s manager (if appropriate) and HR sponsor meet to discuss the progress made during the coaching endeavor. The coach provides general/administrative details on the coaching session dates, tools, and general outcomes, while the executive speaks directly to the results achieved. This protects the confidential nature of the coaching relationship.

Coaching Evaluation Questionnaire and ROI Dashboard:

At the end of a coaching relationship, the coach and the executive meet to go over the Coaching Evaluation Questionnaire and ROI Dashboard. This information is then shared with the executive’s manager and HR/OD sponsor at the final checkpoint meeting.

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