Coach Credentials

Belmont coaches are certified in a coaching curriculum that ensures delivery of a consistent model, yet allows each of our coaches to use their own personal style in accomplishing successful outcomes. All of our coaches have a minimum of 15 years of business experience, many with advanced business or related degrees and coach training. To recruit and select Belmont coaches, we use a screening process to evaluate a potential coach for experience, education, background and style.

Coaching success comes from having strong bench strength. We recruit coaches through a number of different sourcing methods, but primarily through personal referrals. We have a variety of different coaches to select from including business coaches, Ph.D.’s, and former executives. We have the ability to draw from our coach database to provide at least three potential coaches for your executives to consider.

Belmont coaches are available for a “meet and greet” appointment with the executive, typically lasting approximately one hour. Our coaching staff is available via telephone or through e-mail to answer any questions the executive may have to ensure proper selection. Belmont coaching staff will interview the potential client. Together, we will determine the coaching experience, education, background and style most appropriate and provide bios of three coaches for the executive to review.

The majority of coaches today operate as sole proprietors. It is our goal to provide you with a one-stop service offering, with a practice leader who specializes in coaching. We are dedicated to making this a successful endeavor for both your executives and your human resources function.

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