Elevate: High Performing Leadership Certificate

Build and Lead Effective Teams

The Elevate: High Performing Leadership Certificate Program is designed to assist you in building leadership skills that will elevate your performance and increase your effectiveness. This program consists of individuals that want to build relationships with their teams, learn leadership best practices and network with leaders across multiple industries. Individuals in the program will build a personal development plan that includes specific, measurable and achievable goals. Participants in the Elevate Certificate Program work with a coach during two sessions to build action plans, develop strategies and create accountability toward achieving their goals. Leaders who complete this program can:

  • Change their communication and leadership style based on the individual and the situation.
  • Prepare for difficult conversations to reduce anxiety.
  • Understand different conflict styles and how to have productive conversations during conflict.
  • Build and present relevant and effective presentations.
  • Lead multi-generational teams that understand the value of each team member.
  • Understand the importance of developing emotional intelligence skills and utilizing EQ skills in the workplace.
  • Build effective teams based on the strengths of individual team members.

Participants that complete the full course earn the Elevate: High Performing Leadership Certificate Digital Badge at the completion of the program. This badge is a representation of your learning outcome and experience in the program. Your learning can be verified by current and future employers online through this digital badge easily and securely. You can also share your badge with anyone you like via:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • E-Mail
  • Embedded in a Website
  • Resume

A viewer can click on your badge and view the details of your learning achievement.

Learn to Lead with Confidence

Participants in the Elevate: High Performing Leadership Certificate Program can expect to learn:

  • Differences in work styles, motivations and values
  • New techniques to prepare and deliver high-quality presentations with confidence
  • How to build a personal development plan that includes goals that are achievable and measurable
  • The benefits of positive conflict within organizations
  • Methods to communicate effectively with peers, direct reports, senior leaders and external stakeholders

Network and Learn with Leaders Across Multiple Industries

Register for this program if:

  • You currently lead a team.
  • You are interested in leading a team in the future.
  • You have not had any formal leadership training.
  • You are interested in leadership best practices and skill development.
  • You want to develop your skills in a live virtual/online program.

Are you interested in the Center facilitating this program for your organization? Click HERE to contact the CEE team and schedule a call.

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