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Custom Solutions for Your Organization

The Center of Executive Education has a specific custom development process that we use each time that we’re working with a client organization. In our custom development process we start with a needs analysis that is a series of conversations with key stakeholders and leaders within the organization to try and understand the culture, the leadership competencies, the focus of the organization, and we do our own research as well to learn and understand more about the organization.

  • Flexible Delivery Options: Evenings, Full and Half-Days, Lunch and Learns, Webinars.

Once we understand the needs, we’re then able to make recommendations based on what we’ve learned. That can be anything from a one day workshop, to a series of sessions that would go on throughout the year. We offer workshops that are focused on building leadership and interpersonal skills. Things like leading your teams through organizational change and then we also offer a variety of business acumen workshops (finance for the non financial manager for example).

Choose Between On-Site or Off-Site Workshops

Our custom clients have the option of having their workshops and programs held on campus at Belmont University, or on-site at their location. In all of our programs, we want our participants to experience what they’re learning in the classroom, so we use simulations and case studies. We really want our participants as highly involved as possible in each learning experience.

Our goal in partnering with the client organizations that we work with is to help them achieve their goals and to enable them to be successful in whatever they are working towards. We have an academic foundation because we are a part of Belmont University, but our motto is “learn it today and apply it tomorrow” because we really want our participants to be able to readily use the skills that they’ve learned to create a positive impact for themselves and their organization

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