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Bonnie Smith Whitehouse

Afoot & Lighthearted: Walking Meditation
(Morning Workshop Only)   

Synthesizing mindful walking and journaling can be a radical strategy that leads to deeper ways of caring for ourselves, our institutions, and the world at large. During conversation and socially-distanced walk around the university walkways, we’ll learn about how walking for well-being can be nurtured--and even trained--in ourselves and in others.

Sara Bradley

Body & Mind Refresh: Wellness Yoga
(Morning Workshop Only) 

Get your body flowing and your blood pumping! Renew and refresh with a one-hour mind-body wellness yoga session. Great for beginners through advanced yogis!

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Sarah Worley

Creating Cultures of Belonging  

How fostering community impacts both the health of your business and your team.

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Perri duGard Owens

Crisis, Character & Resilience   

Hear from entrepreneur and industry expert Perri duGard Owens regarding her professional experience and advice on how attitude and perspective - through adversity - can reveal, cultivate and empower personal character. Her past and future shape her journey towards building constant resiliency and can help individuals or organizations achieve positive perspective and outcomes to emerge on the other side of a crisis.

Susan Jones

Ethical Living and Leading: Finding Your True North  

Are you tempted to “love things and use people rather than use things and love people?” Are your relationships transactional rather than transformational? In this seminar we will discuss how to make ethical decisions, cultivate wisdom and discernment, and lead with integrity in the 21st century. 

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 Sarah Fisher Gardial

From Bad to Worse: How COVID Set Back Women in the Workplace  

Women’s workplace challenges in the US are complex and driven by a combined stew of biology, culture, public policy, and employer practice. And that was before COVID, which both accelerated and shined a bright light on these problems. This session will examine the “COVID-effect” on career progress for women, as well as suggest potential avenues for solutions and change.  

Brittany N. Cole

Intersectional Allyship: How Women Can be Everyday Allies of Women   

Diversity is critical to the innovation and growth of any business. However, diversity isn’t enough. To leverage the impact of difference in an organization there must be an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. How are you contributing to an inclusive culture for equity in the workplace? Allyship is a skill that leaders and teams can leverage to advance inclusion and equity goals, build an inclusive culture, and at your organization and within your community. Attendees of this session will learn: why intersectional allyship is important; what allyship is and what it is not; actions for impactful allyship. 

Sara Del Castillo

The Myth of Work-Life Balance   

Unwinding the myth around work life balance and creating new rhythms that work for you.

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Karen Thompson

Navigating the Authentic-Self at Work: Professionalism and the True-Self in Harmony  

This session will discuss self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and courage in becoming your authentic self within your workplace. We will discuss managing others reactions to your authenticity, navigating tough and different situations and persons while remaining professional. 

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Sara Del Castillo

Pouring from a Full Cup: Preventing Burn Out, Creating a Self Care Plan and Setting Healthy Boundaries  

Sustaining our work requires sustaining ourselves. This session will dive into creating healthy boundaries in the workplace and setting examples for workplace culture, practices for removing limiting beliefs and habits that lead to burn out, and developing a personalized self-care plan to revitalize your life, your work, and your energy! 

Carla Worthey-Sewell

The Power of Self-Advocacy in the Workplace  

Showcase your strengths, know your worth, and get your ideas heard with balanced assertiveness and confident humility. 

Sarah Worley

Refinding the Path 

As our world has shifted and rearranged itself over the past couple years, people are taking stock of what is important to them and how they want to shape the next chapter of their lives. Writing is powerful way to wander and rediscover your course. Southern Word is known for providing this processing tool to thousands of young people each year. Adults need this resource as well. Take the opportunity to spend an hour writing and sharing with Southern Word mentors as a way of grounding and reinvigorating yourself.  

Nashville Cable

Student Table Talks with CABLE
(Students only)    

Nashville CABLE presents a *student-only* breakout session featuring women executives from a variety of industries. This ‘table talk’ session will focus on career-readiness skills and allow for honest conversations from C-Suite leaders. 

Lissette Delgado-Fitzgerald

You Can Be Assertive: Self-Defense Techniques (Morning Workshop Only) 

Assertiveness looks different to every person. For some, it is a big challenge when, for others, it seems to come naturally, and for others vacillates depending on the situation. The ASSERT ESD Program utilizes Self Defense techniques and tactics to help you connect with the foundations of that assertive nature and find a personal, sustainable expression of that strength and determination in a way that is true to who you are. 

Belmont University and First Horizon