“Don’t Drop the Ball” – Tales from a Woman in Leadership

October 4, 2018

Written by: Tiffany Patton, Executive Director, Girls on the Run of Middle Tennessee

Over the last 60 years our world has changed a lot, but our expectations of women, not so much! Most women I know work 40+ hours in really demanding jobs –  surgeons, IT managers, attorneys, nonprofit executives – and are still the primary persons responsible for their homes and families. This cuts across many layers and is something that applies to women who are partnered and women who are single, women with kids and women without. Single female friends are often the person responsible for their aging parents and their affairs and even their siblings. I recently told a friend that most people in my life are not aware of just how many balls I am juggling in the air. And while advice like “put yourself first” sounds easy enough, to me it sounds like dropping a ball. And when the ball drops no one will be there to pick it up. And while the ball could be held up by someone else in theory, I can’t afford to drop it and hope for the best. Those balls affect me too.

So what’s a woman to do? I am still figuring it out but here’s what I do know. If you are juggling that many balls, something has already dropped and most likely it’s the things that matter most to you. Maybe the first step to Superwoman, ball juggling recovery is admitting you have a problem. Step two – drop those balls. Let it get messy. Take a risk and put yourself, your health, your sanity and your desires first!