8 Tips for Millennials Managing Gen Xers and Baby Boomers

August 21, 2018

Written by: Bobbie Jo Jenkins, Sr. Manager of Programs & Marketing

Multiple generations within the workplace is a common topic today, specifically regarding Millennials and the best practices to manage and engage them. There are multiple books and articles with tips and tools for the leader of a Millennial, but very few that assist the current Millennial manager.

Based on the Pew Research Center analysis of monthly 1994 and 2017 Current Population Surveys (http://www.pewresearch.org/facttank/2018/04/11/millennials-largest-generation-us-labor-force/), Millennials became the largest generation (35%) in the workforce in 2016 and are no longer the youngest. The Post-Millennial (aka Gen Z) is now 5% of the work population and the percentage of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers currently in the workforce is at its lowest. Millennials are being promoted and charged with leading two generations that are older and have more experience and a new generation that is just stepping in to the workforce.

In leadership courses at the Center for Executive Education, we discuss how in the early stages of a career it is required that professionals be a subject matter expert on a specific topic; however, as an individual is promoted the need to become a subject matter expert of people is a necessity. Each individual is unique and managers should learn the communication styles of team members to be effective, but each generation shares a background that can lead to common workplace needs and tendencies within the group. Below are a few tips for the new Millennial manager that is leading the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations.