Mini MBA

The Mini MBA™ - Fall 2015

Program begins: September 10, 2015

  The Mini MBA™ business skills program from Belmont University provides a fast and practical way for mid-career professionals seeking to broaden their business skills and expand their knowledge in functional business areas. This outstanding MBA-styled learning experience will provide participants an overview and broad survey of subject areas normally found in a business school degree programs. It is intended to provide participants with skills and information they need to keep themselves and their organizations competitive. One night per week, students will be immersed for three hours in a 'module' focusing on a single critical business discipline. The Mini MBA™ business skills program is a non-credit program and leads to a certificate in management upon completion. Individual weekly modules will be taught by Belmont business faculty members who understand the importance of combining current business theory with practical, hands on experiential learning. The faculty will be enhanced by a variety of marquee speakers - well recognized as successful practitioners from the Nashville community. The Mini MBA™ program is crafted to develop and enhance understanding of the functional areas of business, and enable participants to make more informed decisions, via a practical orientation and a guaranteed 'take away' from each module. The Mini MBA™ is designed for:
  • Those considering pursuing a graduate degree and wanting an overview of Belmont's MBA program
  • Experienced managers seeking a solid foundation in current business theory and practices, technical professionals moving into management positions and wanting more fundamental management 'know-how'
  • Managers wanting to become knowledgeable in a variety of functional areas in order to advance in their careers